Training Seminars

International Training Seminars | Consulting services

We have developed a coherent set of training seminars aimed at project development managers (coordinators), their administrative teams and civil servants of emerging and developing countries.
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Specializing in Capacity Building

These training programs are linked so as to meet the management needs of governments, major donors and development aid agencies.


We capitalize on the expertise and experience of several distinguished partners and experts.

On Request

We offer training seminars and technical assistance on request. These services are adapted to the specific needs and context of the project or institution.

Tailor-made and On-site Seminars

We have a long experience in organizing tailor-made seminars. At the request of institutions, development projects, governments or donors, all our training can be provided in your country, in the premises of your choice, at any time and adapted to your specific needs.

Select Your Training

You can select one or more training topics from the seminars offered that we will adapt to your needs.

Determine the Participants

We recommend groups between 6 and 20 people maximum to ensure the quality of learning.

Determine Location

We also offer to organize tailor-made training for your group in one of our training centers or online.


We will contact you before starting the seminar in order to adjust the content, if necessary.


The total budget varies according to duration, number of trainers and outreach expenses.


We have packages which allows you to train a maximum of people at the lowest cost.

Our Mission

To contribute to improved performance in development projects and public institutions through better management of resources and capacity-building.

To be part of the professional success of our participants by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Constantly Updated Curriculum

We focus on interaction with the participants, as well as on our special support and a welcoming attitude.

Our people are our most important asset.